Thursday, 21 April 2011


Happy Easter!!!! It's good Friday, which means the beginning of a lovely long weekend and some quality time spent with our amazing family..
Our move to Queensland was a lifestyle choice ( The best move we ever made!)as our eldest daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia almost two years ago. She's still on treatment and doing very well, but sometimes we end up back in hospital with mishaps..

Which brings me to write this blog! Alex is back in hospital at the moment, being an absolute Trojan... We re lying here together reading trash mags and drinking hot Milo... And writing blogs! We re hoping to be out for Easter... It's looking good! I just wanted to say a big big big!!! Thankyou to all the amazing medical staff who look after all these amazing kids... They make the stay a little bit easier...

Remember it's Good Friday... Be good and donate to the Good Friday appeal... It makes a massive difference to a lot of families...

Eat some chocolate!!!!!


  1. Good Morning Gorgeous Girl. Oh I truly wish Alex all the very best, how brave she is.

    I'm off to your fabulous store this morning to collect my Easter desserts for lunch tomorrow!

    Sending you mountains of love and hope Alex is out and about soon.


  2. I hope your little girl is recovering well. You have a beautiful store! I popped in yesterday and it was a delight!

    I have featured your dining table display in my blog post today

    Good Luck with everything!