Wednesday, 14 December 2011

All of us here at Hamptons want to say a big congrats to Keren and Gavin of the Brown Trading Company... Love Love Love the new cushies!!!!! Here are a few snaps!

Friday, 9 December 2011

new bits and pieces for christmas

It's been a long time I know.... I thought I would add some photos of the store in recent days... We're getting ready for Christmas! We've also recently opened Hamptons Pantry... Lots of goodies to take home and make christmas treats... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

less is more

 There's so much colour going on at the moment with Spring just around the corner, that it's nice sometimes to have a little downtime... don't get me wrong a love a vibrant room..but how beautiful are Belgian homes??!!! I think my next love after the Hamptons.. Here are a few snaps that I love...

 I love that rendered walls can actually make a room feel soft, almost velvet like
 The simplicity is stunning.
 Love an exposed beam.
 The contrast between the chandelier and the exposed wood is sensational!!! I'm not one for man caves mind you but this I love!!

Ohhh ....and a few castle pics, everyone loves a good castle pic!

Enjoy your week!!! xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I KNOW!!!!!! Sooo Slack!!  Yes it's been about a month since I last wrote..... Well, ....I've been busy!  Which of course is wonderful.... so I thought I'd show a few recent photos of the store as we've had a few changes.  We've also had some wonderful press recently, thanks to the beautiful Melanie and Elizabeth at Ivy and Piper magazine.. Obviously, make sure you check it out!

               I've exploited my darling Mother, so we can have these beautiful custom cushies....

And....for all you Belgian linen lovers....I have Libeco Home Linen...Sheets...Duvet covers....Euros ...Loving it stupid!!

The New living space at The Hamptons...ahhhh..the serenity. Lovng the turquoise magnolia lamps...Might have to keep those I think.......

Till next time, take care xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Day dreaming again!

 So I'm looking for inspiration, I need to change the windows, (forgot to post some photos!) I'm thinking I want to change the store around, which of course caused some groaning from those I work with! Hello! Have you met me? LOVE change...Anyway, I got a little side tracked and decided to look for ideas for my new dream house...
Of course, my winding drive.

                                                          I can't decide on which facade?

And then I thought, I've got to have a sublime entry/foyer.
I'm loving the simple clean lines and then a little drama with the beautiful french chaise. I think for those nights when one must wear a ball gown, this staircase is perfect!

                                                   .  I think I could handle eating brekky here....

                             Kitchen ideas for my doting husband to cook said brekky in.

Okay, back to reality, I've seriously got to do some work...  I'm very busy don't you know!

 Hope you all have a lovely weekend, xxxx               

Images courtesy of Architectural Digest, Verandah Magazine,Reckless Bliss.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Finally! Some Food.

Kitchen is open for business!  As of Saturday that is.  Breakfast and lunch at the Hamptons every day of the week if you wish ..Who wouldn't?!

Our very talented chef, Paul Frazer will be creating some delectables for you all!
Baked eggs and chorizo, Smashed avo on Leavain sourdough with Yarra Valley Persian fetta... Yuuuummmmm....or perhaps lashings of Lescure butter with preserves on sourdough... Hungry yet?
Look forward to seeing you!

Back to the store bits and pieces...... We've just recieved our new range of Le Creuset french ovens...SO very Gorgeous... Beautiful Mathias Provence candles (Hand blown pleated venetian glass) exquisite!

We've also decided here at Hamptons that we will endeavour to create some theatrics in our windows, so I'll be posting as they're created.. I've got a creative bunch of people here!

We've just hung out the washing this week!

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Happy Easter!!!! It's good Friday, which means the beginning of a lovely long weekend and some quality time spent with our amazing family..
Our move to Queensland was a lifestyle choice ( The best move we ever made!)as our eldest daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia almost two years ago. She's still on treatment and doing very well, but sometimes we end up back in hospital with mishaps..

Which brings me to write this blog! Alex is back in hospital at the moment, being an absolute Trojan... We re lying here together reading trash mags and drinking hot Milo... And writing blogs! We re hoping to be out for Easter... It's looking good! I just wanted to say a big big big!!! Thankyou to all the amazing medical staff who look after all these amazing kids... They make the stay a little bit easier...

Remember it's Good Friday... Be good and donate to the Good Friday appeal... It makes a massive difference to a lot of families...

Eat some chocolate!!!!!